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Sep 26, 2018
Aguero level? :rofl: :howler: Aguero is one of the best strikers in the history of the EPL. WTF are you on about?

Aguero Level = World Class.
What Aguero has achieved in UCL?
And what I mean is this kid would be good in the league but won't excel so much in UCL. Pretty much the same like Aguero
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il brutto

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Jun 6, 2015
Maybe because Ronaldo and Messi so players like Aguero is kinda underwhelming. Though I feel Aguero hasn't really achieved anything in European or International level
Why would you compare anyone to those two? So the only acceptable level is Ronaldo and Messi and everyone else is underwhelming? To me that's a slightly too high of a standard.


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Jan 31, 2003
I'd like to see kean stat as the c.f. back up. Would rather cash in on a mandzukic like considering his age before we get nothing for him.

However if need to sort out the c.f. position full stop. If Dybala isn't gonna be tested properly then let's get serious and find another. Wouldn't be saying no to aguero. Dude scores like it's going out of fashion.


Mar 23, 2015
just checked aguero's record:üero#Club

he scored at least 20 goals for 11 seasons of his last 12. he scored at least 28 goals for the last 6 years. that's what you call consistency. he scored 325 goals for his clubs in 529 matches during the last 12 seasons. that's 35 more than del piero scored during his 19-year spell at juve, and he needed 705 matches for that.

we'd be very fortunate if kean turned out to be such a consistent goal scoring machine for juve. :boh: