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Jul 6, 2004
I think Moggi the transfer guru will do this with Juve


This formation isn't very realistical becaouse we would have tos spend about 10 mil € + Appiah for Campell and Camoranesi for Cannavaro. But until now we haven't spended much Real Madrid spent 54 mil €, Barcelona 58 mil €. If we would buy Campbell and Cannavaro we would spend just 29 mil € all together with Chiellini and Emerson all other transfers were free transfers. That isn't that much and we sold Di Vaio for 10 mil €, Maresca for 2 mil €. We coul also sell Tudor for some money 5-7 mil €.So we would only spend 10 mil €.

We would have a great squad for this year.

Next year we would sell Trezeguet for more money then this year around 15-20 mil € if he would perform. (it's likely he will) and buy Zlatan for 10-15 mil €, we would also buy a young talented RB and a CB to ease our transition in defence. RB and CB would cost together 15 mil €.

After 2 years when Nedved will retire we would buy back Maresca if he would perform in Florentina back for change (around 5 mil €) becaouse it looks like Florentina will be in financial troble soon again.And we would receive from Benjamin from loan to first team.We would sell Blasi if he would be worse then Maresca for aprox. 10 mil €

So in the season 2006/07 our team would look like that:

-----------------------------------BUFFON (28)-------------------------------------RB------------CAMPBELL (32)-------------CB----------CHILLENI (23?)
-----------------------------------EMERSON (30)------------------------------
ZAMBROTTA (29)-------------------------------------------OLIVERA (24)---
-----------------------------------MARESCA (27)-------------------------------
------------------------BENJAMIN (21----------ZLATAN (24)-----------------

Great and young squad only Campbell is really old. Emerson and Zambrotta have still got three years ahead of them.

How much would we spent if this would be true:

2004/05 -10 mil € and Appiah,Maresca,Tudor,Di Vaio
For this money we would buy Campbell, Cannavaro, Emerson, Kapo, Chiellini and Zebina.

2006/07 -10 mil € and Trezeguet
For a promising RB and CB and Zlatan

2007/08 +5 mil € and Blasi
For Maresca and Benjamin.If needed we would also buy replacements for undeperformers this year.

Total costs for 3 transfers campaigns: 15 mil €

In the period of three years we would have an great squad and after three years we would only need to replace Campbell. to continue having a great squad.

I think this will be Moggi's transition strategy for Juve.But it would only happen if we would beat Djurgarden.

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Jun 3, 2003
Very impressive breakdown. And great strategic trasnfers. But when its in the future, you neever know how one situation would lead to another. Which is wht your treading the fine line between hope and reality.


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Jan 31, 2003
nice evaluation. i think you'll find that if moggi was to buy cannavaro as well as campbell, and capello wanted a 3 man defence, he would ask for jankulovski for the left wing as olivera wouldnt be able to perform taking the whole left wing.

i think one of cannavaro or campbell will join and if another was to come in, it would be bonera.


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May 7, 2004
personally i think moggi makes shit up as he goes along, and sometimes it comes together and hes automatically a genius, and if not hes a bastard

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