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Mar 26, 2003
Palermo snub Cheva chase Monday 12 July, 2004


Palermo have officially pulled out of the race to sign Lecce hotshot Javier Ernesto Chevanton.

The newly promoted club were expected to sign the striker until a bizarre twist on Friday evening.

Reports now claim that Chevanton will be signed by Inter, who will then send him on loan to Fiorentina.

"The player is no longer in our plans," Palermo President Maurizio Zamparini insisted on Monday.

Zamparini revealed that he today received a phone call from Juve director Luciano Moggi who was ready to organise a meeting between Palermo and Paco Casal, the player’s agent.

"I thanked Moggi for his offer but we don’t want the player anymore," added a disappointed Zamparini.

"I consider myself to be offended by the behaviour of (Inter owner Massimo) Moratti. I don’t understand why Inter and Fiorentina have joined forces against us."


Since when did Moggi try to help out another team (Palermo) in their transfer affairs?

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Jan 11, 2003
Its quite ironical that Palermo is a mafia city, and their team have pink jerseys.

Maybe Moggi helps Palermo because he gets his money from the mob ;)

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