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Mar 17, 2004
A little resume of an interview of Moggi in today's Gazzetta dello Sport:

Prandelli or Deschamps one of them will apparently be the new coach of Juve. It looks like the first one has more chances to be, since Deschamps has champions compromises and ask too much.¨"They are both good and I've talked to both of them, but nothing is decided -says Moggi-. I like Deschamps because he was one of my players, and he was already a coach then. Prandelli works really good with youngsters and he has already won two leagues and this year is doing even better: The results speak for him.

Then he passes to the team talk. He confirms that Di Vaio and Miccoli will stay and Maresca soon will join them. Also he speaks of the return of Blasi and Brighi, while Gasbarroni will reamin another year with Palermo, but this time in serie A. Then he disses Stam " we don't negotiate players that are 32 or 33 yrs old and they cost way too much".Better young players. Bonera more than Ferrari (we don't need center back) then esclude fights over Torres (Milan is a friendly team) and introduces Kapo "He is a very interesting player that will stay in the group. He can play as a wing or as a playmaker, he has an excellent technique. He reminds me Henry. Will see how he get together with the others, which is not easy nowdays".

Then he assolves Nedved " He wasn't the only one that got turned off,since January all Juve stop working, and I wouldn't sell him even if he wanted to be". Then he sticks Trezeguet:" He wants to go to Spain, his father is selling him here and there, but he could stay". One thing is sure he doesn't accepts exchanges and he has substitutes. Gilardino a long term investment or Vieri if u want to win immediately. Explains:" I like Vieri a lot.We all know how much he can give. Sometimes when u buy a player u try to find one that is ready for a big club". Then:" Gilardino? who doesn't like him? He could be an important investment for the future. He has the luck to work with Prandelli and the coach the luck to count with someone like him. We only need to verify if Juve is the ideal solution for Gilardino...

Everything points that he already knows.

Hope is lying about not needing center backs and the Torres deal everyday looks more real...but we all know Moggi he lies like a mother...


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Mar 6, 2003
IM very sure that his comment about the defense is a it is our main concern ;)

He surely have somthing planned... if not.. he is a goofy bastard.


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Apr 22, 2003
++ [ originally posted by mark77 ] ++
Actually, that's great news, because it probaby means that we'll sign about 6 of them :D


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Mar 16, 2004
Yeah, you never know what will go down with Moggi. If Moggi continues with his familiar activities, he will get Deschamps, Di Vaio, Nedved and Trez will leave, Bonera and Ferrari will be bought, and Gilardino will stay at Parma and we will get Vieri. Hopefully the latter of the bunch will not come true. But, you never know what Moggi is thinking.
Jan 7, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Graham ] ++

Actually, that's great news, because it probaby means that we'll sign about 6 of them :D

a good oLd moggi. i miss listening to his interviews and Lookin at his smiLe when he was sayin 'we are not gonna selL zidane'


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Apr 22, 2003
What about Real Madrid?

"We will not sign Zidane"
"We will not sign Ronaldo"
"We will not sign Beckham"



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Jan 31, 2003
he fuking destroys me when he talks about the transfer market. more bonera than ferrari?? what the fuk is that? i'm more capable than bonera! i tell you this much, if he is serious, its going to be another long season of dissapointments.


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Feb 21, 2004
++ [ originally posted by mark77 ] ++

Moggi you liar!!!
Aaah don't believe in what he says. There is stiff competition with MU for Ferrari, so Moggi is making it look as if he doesn't care. Of course he does and he will do his best to get both! Or all four should I say (add Gilardino and Prandelli to that)


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May 5, 2004
Mr.Moggi knows what he is doing,our main problem is defense.

he say we dont need center back --> that's mean :

he already have mexes,ferrari in his pocket.surely juve will buy them this summer.

Hope hope hope

blah blah blah ,you are the BOSS Mister


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Mar 28, 2004
Luciano Moggi , as always, speaks to throw a smoke screen about his real intentions. Judge him for what he does, dont listen to him.
In the last weeks,he has been contact the agents and teams of the following players: ferrari, bonera,gilardino, mexes,rothen, morientes, squillacy, jankulosky, torres, vieri, and others that we dont know yet.
But im shure he isnt closed a single deal already. Why? because he is waiting for the new coach to step in or at least to be signed in ( he said "wait until may 12")...then, deals will begin to close....


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Dec 23, 2002
Eagelsnake_1, I really wonder how you know all that stuff? You knew one week before us all, that Lippi would leave and now you again make a great comment about the Transfer-market!

Its great to have you here!


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Feb 21, 2004
I recently started to lean towards Prandelli as well. He is a juventino, I like what he's doing with Parma, and he's worked with so many of our players!


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May 29, 2003
What do you think of Morientes. He used to be good in madrid and now he showed real quality in a smaller club. Perhaps he would be better than Vieri or Gilardino. But what about del Piero then?

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