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Apr 10, 2003
juve is completing is final on-slaught on the 28 of may at the old trafford arena, and is long i have been smelling the double this season and all i have to advise my juventini colleaque is devote our souls in heavy prayer's to make our beloved dream a realistic.:D:fero::confused:

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Minimiliano Tristelli
Mar 6, 2003
Yeah!!, i remember last year, when i was with a friend of mine in my house, seeing the final madrid-leverkusen.

I remember that in that moment i was still sad about juve. One of the worst games was against arsenal in old trafford. That game was not like, for example, the game that we lost this season in manchester, where we played and tried to fight. In that arsenal game, juve suffered a lot (i still have in my mind thierry henry´s goal) and at the end we lost.

Now im the happiest one in the world!! jaja just thinking that at the beggining were 32 teams,, now there are just only 2 of them. One of those teams is juve!!!, im so proud. And the sweetest thing was that magnificent game against real madrid, the unbeatable one.

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