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Apr 15, 2005
So we’re giving them Pjanic and MDS +’$25m..to get Semedo?

This is idiotic. I thought it was going to be a swap with Rakitic.

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Koul Khara!
Aug 30, 2002
It’s being reported practically everywhere. If this was only The Sun, that was different. But that isn’t the case here.

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The source is Sport, a Barca toilet paper. It has negative sub zero credibility.

The rumour is we get a solid starting fullback, and give them a backup fullback, 25m and oh, if we not done, also our star midfielder on top of it.

There is no chance whatsoever it's a real deal im any parallel universe. The desperation to fill papers has reached a new low.
Sep 1, 2017
The problem with Pjanic is that we bought him when he was 26, and he began physically declining by the age of 29. We only got about 2 great seasons out of him.

Looking at Pjanic’s career, he has been playing top flight football since he was 17 (his first season in Ligue 1 was in 07/08). He has so much mileage on his legs already. He reminds me of Cesc Fabregas. Another midfielder who broke through at a very young age and also declined relatively young.

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