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Nov 29, 2003
was i bringing this site down by posting that thread?!

i posted the fact that miccoli was RESPONDING TO A QUESTION from a reporter, not GOING OUT OF HIS WAY to say he doesnt want to come back. in the other thread that point was completely missed. what, am i taking up too much space. this forum is as dead as it is anyway.

"did i read that right?" LOL at that. and no that and this is not "abuse". LOL!

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Oct 3, 2002
I agree with Shenanigans about Miccoli.I think he was treathed like a dirtbag. he was doing good last year (better than Alex). but the club decided to sell him instead of Alex.
This is not profesional,it was ugly IMO.Plus , i think that Media is playing with the words,and giving wrong messages that Miccoli didn't use..


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Apr 22, 2003
Look mate, the problem is that you opened a thread just to make a point that could've been made in the existing thread. And now after that one gets closed, you open yet another thread to have a rant and rave. Let it go buddy
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