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The Arif

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Jan 31, 2004
Miccoli has 2006 dream
Monday 28 June, 2004

Fabrizio Miccioli has his eyes on the 2006 World Cup after the Juventus ace missed out on Euro 2004.

The attacker was in contention to be selected for Portugal but he just failed to break into the 23 man squad.

"I watched the tournament with regret because I had hoped to be a part of the team," he said. "Now I’m targeting the World Cup instead."

Miccoli couldn’t break into Giovanni Trapattoni’s plans after a difficult first season in Turin.

He arrived at the Delle Alpi as one of the new stars of Italian football but he struggled for regular first team football.

"I hope that the club and the new Coach in Fabio Capello still have belief in my abilities," he added.

"I’ve now been in Turin for a year which has seen me gather some crucial experience. I can only improve on that.

"Especially as my first campaign with the Bianconeri wasn’t a total waste as I did score eight League goals."


actually, i dont think that miccoli would break into Lippi's team for 2006 either. unless dp decides to retire from NT football.

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Mar 9, 2004
I think he will. If we take 5 strikers, quite possibly this could be bobos last tournament if you consider his age. We then have del piero, and 4 others to get in there. And i think we would take miccoli ANY day over corradi :LOL:

but italy shouldnt think they are already qualified... still have to do the group first.


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Mar 11, 2004
++ [ originally posted by PersianMafia ] ++

Explain yourself doctor :fero:

IMO he is not a superstar neither a star
he is very regular player
simply with his present performance i dont like to see him in the NT
btw i doesnt mean that i dont like him but he is not good enough to join the azzuri
may be in the future but not now


Dec 16, 2003
Too many strikers would be competing to take place in Germany 2006 : Micco , Di vaio , Corradi , Vier , Inzaghi , Gila , Cave , Cassano, etc


Sep 23, 2003
Zen question: If there was a World Cup and Totti was invited, how would we know?

Given his suspension rate in big tournaments, I suspect we'd only see him in the stands. :totti:


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Feb 1, 2004
++ [ originally posted by azzurri7 ] ++
Too many strikers would be competing to take place in Germany 2006 : Micco , Di vaio , Corradi , Vier , Inzaghi , Gila , Cave , Cassano, etc
Vieri !!! Will Vieri be still playing till 2006.!!! I guess NOT


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Mar 26, 2003
If Vieri, Corradi and Inzaghi take part in that tournament I will be truly dissapointed. If Cassano and Gila live up to their promise they will be the starting strikers.
Aug 27, 2003
wat a shame he didnt play in this euro he could have doen alot for the italian national side, but trap ahd soemother plans well i think he will most deff go thru to the worldcu if he keeps up the good job..
im hoping a good season with juventus..

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