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Aug 1, 2003
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    Incubus's concert :

    I arrived there at 3, and there wasn't too much of a long queue (not as long as LP's) , and after much waiting (but I did not complain, there's this dude who's seriously cute talking to me so.. :D) then I ran in and got front row.

    Pop Shuvit did the opening and truth be told they should be awarded Malaysia's worst band. Though they did perform not as bad as I expected, but I will never like them anyway.

    The second opening act was OAG, one of my favourite bands in Malaysia. I simply loved their performance, they're such a talented band.

    Then much later on came Incubus and everyone went ballistic. They started off with Megalomaniac, and things got a bit carried away there - I was surprised I didn't die of suffocation or something being in the mosh pit. There was a big fall at the centre of the mosh pit and people were going to the left and right and many people were being brought out.

    Concert went on, they performed well but I was a bit upset they did not perform songs like "Drive", "Stellar", "Pardon me", "Nice to know You". They did perform other songs, so that was fine. They ended the concert with the song "Are you In" which is one of my favs, so at that time I went all sentimental :D

    Oh I might add too towards the end of the concert I got carried out by the securities as I could not handle the pressure in the mosh pit, things were getting too hectic for my liking and I was somehow surrounded by big guys and I wanted to puke.

    All in all, it could have been a great night if only I had no problems later, but I won't elaborate on that.

    Here's the link to some of the pictures a guy I just knew from the concert (his name is Akzam) took.

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