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Sep 16, 2004
I know this isnt a Man Utd board, and I am probably going to get flamed for it but, read! Just so you know, despite the name MEC is a Man Utd fan group!


PRESS RELEASE - 08-02-2005

Malcolm Glazer's continued pursuit of Manchester United Football Club indicates that he has paid no attention to the wishes of the overwhelming majority of ordinary supporters of the club, or to the warnings he has been given. It is therefore clear that the consequences of any takeover bid need fully spelling out for all parties concerned.

The PLC Board
The Committee reminds the directors of the duty of care they are expected to show towards the traditions and history of MUFC, and of the promises they have made in the past. Any failure to maintain a rejectionist position in the face of Glazer's overtures will be regarded as an act of treachery - treachery that will place board members in an extremely vulnerable position for years to come.

Any board member who may be coveting a place in the management structure of a Glazer regime is advised immediately to abandon such hopes. Collaborators will be treated as such. The movements and whereabouts of all board members will continue to be of the utmost interest to us.

We trust that this is clear enough: offering either due diligence or a bid-recommendation to Glazer will be punished. We are not interested in excuses about 'best City practise' or brokers' advice. We suggest the directors would be much better off in thinking about the damage that can be done to them by whingeing conservative City commentators on the one hand, or by irate supporters on the other.

The Glazer Family
We know that Joel Glazer visited England several weeks before the first bid news broke; that he met two directors whose identities we know; and that he did so at a northern venue well away from Old Trafford. That is because we have allies around the world who keep watch on the Glazers' movements for us. Should Joel or his brother ever make a return visit to England with a view to furthering their desire to take over Manchester United, the Committee will this time ensure a warm reception awaits them. Do the Glazers really think they will ever be allowed to enter Old Trafford to take possession of their prize? Do they even imagine they can fly into the UK without us being alerted? If so, then they are as stupid as they are greedy. And no matter how large the phalanx of bodyguards you bring, Joel, we will always outnumber you.

Financial Institutions
The Committee would like to inform anyone seeking to profit from any
takeover of Manchester United that they, too, will be viewed as a legitimate target and will be held fully accountable. The Committee will hunt down all key fixers and backers of any successful bid and demonstrate the folly of their greed. All you middlemen, who will clearly support any crook or animal for a quick buck, are amoral parasites and will be treated as such.

To United supporters: some of you may not agree with our methods, which we adopt with some reluctance. But United must be safeguarded. It is our club, and we will be ruthless in protecting it. Our previous symbolic actions have been disregarded; we have no choice now but to act with our full capabilities. In the spirit of the Red Army.


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Chickenegro no funny
Jan 14, 2005
He can buy them if he wants. Thats his call. No reason to threaten him. To bad if you lose out, blame whoever let it happen not the guy smart enough to pull it off.


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Nov 1, 2004
I have said time and again that I hate Mancehster United.

Having said that...

Where I come from we have a saying... umunna chorii nu ogu, ha ga nu nime'uno, tupu ha je ilo...

Roughly translated, it means that brothers can fight between themselves indoors, but should always present a united front to the outside world.

Like I said earlier, I hate Manchester United. But should that fellow be allowed to take over, football would definitely be the big looser.

We all have to come behind them to remove this threat!

Nicole tell the MEC, that whatever method they use (including something from the Al-Kaida University, is perfectly accepatable by me. I am behind them 100%.

Hell, if they are looking for recruits, I'll join up. :thumb:

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