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Jun 9, 2003
Mazzone teases Inter's big spenders
Monday 9 August, 2004

Veteran Coach Carlo Mazzone had a friendly warning for Inter, his own players and Fabio Capello as he previewed the new season.

“If Inter don’t win a trophy this year,” he smiled, “then they may as well pack up and abandon football altogether.”

The Bologna boss is well-loved by the Italian press for his amusing quotes and joked around the Nerazzurri’s remarkable transfer campaign, but they weren’t the only ones who came in for the Mazzone treatment.

“Milan are a real tank of a team and will be tough to beat, so behind them I see Inter, Juve and Roma fighting for the title."

"The Bianconeri have made the best buy of the summer in Fabio Capello. It’s like Michael Schumacher behind the wheel of a Ferrari, a classy combination.”

As for his own team, Mazzone gave a clear outline of the kind of performance he wants in Serie A.

“I need a squad that is organised, can keep its shape, consistent, able to take hold of a game by the scruff of the neck and maintain its own philosophy of football at all times. In a word,” he concluded, “I want a group of men who play like a team.”

The Rossoblu will again be balanced between aiming for a UEFA Cup spot and avoiding the relegation battle after losing star striker Beppe Signori.

“I will do everything I can to give this side a totally professional attitude, above all out of respect for the Bologna fans. If this doesn’t happen, then it would be a terrible defeat for me.”


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