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Aug 8, 2006
He really won't when it doesn't suit his agenda. He has managed his career rather smartly thus far for someone who is stupid as fuck. Severe debt is a bit of an overstatement when the quy could easily liquidate some of his assets and pay any debt he has in a day.
He doesn't own the majority of his properties - those are financed and still under mortgage payments

The primary set of assets he has that he can liquidate are his fleet of expensive cars - all depreciating as we speak like any other vehicle

Trust me when I say that he has poorly managed his finances which is no surprise really

And the government isn't going to take it easy on him. It's approx $25M that is owed this week. That increases incrementally every month iirc

The man needs to see a few more paydays and he needs to earn as much as he can while he can command top billing which isn't for very much longer due to his age and trash bag of a sport

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