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Jul 30, 2015
Let me see :D Messi will come for an Icardi he dislikes to the point he has banned him from NT, a Higuain he probably personally blames for WC loss, and Dybala who he cant play with at all, and who got major bad press in Argentina for admitting he cant play with Messi.

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It was sarcasm... I'm not a particular fan of Pipa neither Mauro...


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Jul 16, 2018

getting Icardi is one of the worst things it can happen to us

I dig your avatar.


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Dec 31, 2002
Wanda is disgusting I agree with it but Cassano should just learn to shut up and mind his own business... They are husband and wife so if he likes it or not he should just shut up..


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Feb 20, 2016
The new conspiracy on FIF is that Inter wanted to sell Icardi to Juve and this is why they stripped him of the captaincy, to have an excuse :lol3:

This picture also caused a meltdown



May 3, 2012
Inter official twitter tweeted that Marotta met with Icardi today to resolve a situation. How weird is that? You would think they meet everyday. Di Marzio is saying meeting didn't change anything.
Beppe might've underestimated how much an asshole this guy is.


Mar 6, 2003
On one hand i crave for a goalscorer like him. He has created a career scoring on that shit team and sampdoria. Thats huge on itself. He would be stellar in juve, but nowadays we dotn create much TBH so who knows. When he is firing on all cylinders he is top scorer material and could also destroy in the Cls if given the chance with a proper team. Would be really cool to see him scoring here

On the other hand... how on earth we will sign the biggest snake of inter and bring him to our dressroom? Who on their sane mind would think about a worst way to make our team implode? Im really REALLY worried about bringing this scourge to juve and worst of it all...his agent. Because we all know icardi is a cunt... but things get exponentially worst when Wanda Nara is around.

How the board will keep this egotistical maniac and his wife quiet? How we will pay this transfer? and most he will behave in the locker room?
How fans are supposed to root this guy in our stadium?

Man, this is heavy.

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Mar 28, 2006
The question is if we believe we can make him act professionally or not.

Barca took a gamble with Suarez and it paid off.

Half the teams of the world took a gamble with Balotelli and it didn't.

For the record, I think Icardi is more of a Suarez than a Balotelli.
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