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Apr 29, 2006
Nobody wants to swallow a lower salary, shittier bonuses and little prospect for anything positive, other than a transfer. Let's not forget its not the 90's, but 2020 - players are being paid for potential and are millionaires by the time they hit 18. MDS is no exception and being average is no crime. Typical modern 'squad' player. Besides the amount of silverware he has collected here will put him ahead of legends for stats nerds and people without depth of knowledge.
Jan 24, 2007
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So if Genoa is looking for a fullback why aren't they looking at MDS?? Salary too high??
yes, you would think it would make sense right? for us it it would be a good deal if they take him.

even if we can even loan + pay part of his salary and genoa can pay rest. at least we get some cash + part of salary for a usless player for us.

problem is from genoa's perspective they can't afford to waste money on a player that is always injured for a starter position.

thats the main issue. his mediocre performances are fine. but can't sell always injured mediocre players

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