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Jun 20, 2018
At least Kurzawa is left footed and comfortable with short passing game. MDS on the left is a bad idea, he makes the formation even more narrow than it should be (yeah 4312 is like this).

This guy should be enough to knock those 15-20 games a year off AS' calendar, just like Danilo for Cuadrado.
Mds anywhere is a bad idea. He puts in a decent performance from time to time but that's it.
I remember praising him in our first round against Parma until the 60th minute when he started to play for them. In the span of 10 minutes he seemed to lose his ability to pass the ball to teammates and decided to lose every ball he played until he was subbed by cuadrado.

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Sep 1, 2017
Kurzawa for MDS is a transfer I literally do not give a shit about.

If it happens, fine. If it doesn’t happen, also fine. We are not gaining or losing anything of significance either way.

Don’t really care tbh.


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Jul 30, 2015
I just remember how much hate I felt when we bought him? I couldn't even believe that we would sign him, and when I read we even paid money for him it was like too much

After that, I just tried to support him as any Juve player. Let him go for me is really great, the replacement not so much

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