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Dec 19, 2003
that was delpiero06 not me and brw i have explained this to you before.

he was not incorrect the information was provided before the infamous summit and that point allegri was staying so it was correct at the time. Delpiero06 only provides correct factual information not wild speculation for likes.
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Sep 6, 2014
It’ll be interesting to see how Sarri rotates the CBs, assuming this deal gets done. Chiellini is obviously better than Bonucci but Bonucci also fits Sarri as he’s better with the ball.


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Dec 1, 2005
I am getting a feeling that an official announcement is merely just a matter of hours away. By that, I mean I fully expect to hear it reported by both clubs contemporaneously within the next 24 hours via normal official channels in both Turin and Amsterdam that the deal has been completed.

This deal, by no means unusual in terms of the protracted period since official discussions commenced, has nevertheless surely got to be finalised quickly now so as to clear the decks for other vitally unfinished/ loose end business involving potential incomings and outgoings.and nobody should underestimate the work that Paratici, Nedved and to some extent Agnelli still have ahead of them.

For sure, Sarri and the other coaching staff have an important task ahead of them between now and the end of July getting the new 24 man squad comprehensively organised in readiness for the start of the season in August.
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