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Aug 13, 2010
But, we didnt win the championship three times in a row before...
We are not as desperate as before, we are amongst Europe first 15 choices and a sure bet to get an easy title.
To quote you personally Cron, we're doomed, properly doomed


Nov 26, 2006
Who would you suggest of the available coaches?
None of those mentioned are terribly appealing.

I'd go for Lucien Favre.

Or Stefano Colantuono if you fancy risking another Delneri-esque appointment. :D

Worse or better than Mancini?
Allegri consistenly got his Milan teams to finish where they should have, except when Juve won the scudetto in Conte's first season, but there were valid mitigating factors for Milan's failure to win that year.

I feel there would be more chance of things going horribly wrong under Mancini. And I'd suggest Mancini's track record indicates he is not particularly likely to improve on Conte's record in the CL.


Nov 26, 2006
I'd be surprised if Juve went for Allegri given that he was central to pushing Pirlo out of Milan.

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Sep 16, 2003
I just thought of someone, and yes he's Italian, because we are all aware of Juve's history of coaches.

What about Di Matteo?

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