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Legend or Rookie?

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Apr 17, 2013
Sami, the crook gentleman, he steals from you but always with a smile.

@DAiDEViL as the cinemas are open again, do you know the release date of Khedira's Eleven,? It is a German remake of Soderberg's film. The story of Samy Khedira, after having served a prison sentence for fraud in Madrid, he is finally released and decides to start his life over in Turin,by impersonating someone respectable. In the same time he established contacts across Europe with his former colleagues (Danilo, Bonuci, Matuidi..) and decided to make one last impressive heist, but instead of a casino he decided to tackle a football club.

Tootsie, in the garcia's character is also stunning, until the end he plays the role of the owner who doesn't even realize that he is being robbed,
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May 29, 2005
The return of Mandzukic was proposed to Pirlo, the answer was "other answers can be found." [Momblano via @cirtnecj]

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I got excited too as I read it...then the end :sad:
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Jan 24, 2007
he was, but his heart was weak. which is not handsome. therefore it cancels out handsomeness of outer appearance.

mario maybe be an ugly boi like @Snobist. but his heart of gold makes him so sexy

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