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Mario, how many you score next year brat

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Aug 8, 2006
Alex Sandro is not available, we might as well try him as a fullback because we have none left and are still paying his wages. He likes to defend, strong, good in the air, has great work rate and good stamina.

This cant be wrong, if this happen then Sarri is absolutely a proud Tuz member. First 4312, rotating players. Give chance to Dybala Rabiot and Ramsey

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What is going on here


Jul 27, 2015
So will he be included in the squad for the next Serie A games now that he seems to have pulled the plug on the Saudi move? I honestly hope so, especially with this new 4-3-1-2 formation on display now, as we could well do having an extra back-up striker around.

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Oh, well, actually i think he wouldn’t be as bad of an option for the 4-3-3 either afterall, be it as a back-up LW or even ST when rotation is required.
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