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Sep 30, 2018
Mario took part in humanitarian event called Game Set Hrvatska , which was organised by Croatian tennis player Marin Cilic. There was loads of Croatian athletes. Mario's partner was Patrik Jurina. First game they played against Andrej Kramaric and Mate Pavic, second against Tena Lukas and Marijo Moznik. Mandzu and Jurina got to the semi final which they played against Dejan Lovren and Franko Škugor. In the end Mario and Jurina won. They played final against Luka Modric and Marin Cilic.

Here are the few pictures:






@Juvenann what do you think about his new hairstyle? :)


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Sep 30, 2018


Interviewer(Sasa): We won't talk about serious quoestions today. Instead about ones that might interest kids. Mandzo, this is my Eva. Eva is going to be interviewer today. Here is you microphone but you have to answer honestly to her. You can't lie to kid.
Mario: I don't know if I could answer all questions.
Sasa: You will. Mario Mandzukic in lexicon of Antena Zagreb.
Eva: Which is your favourite song?
Mario: Which is mine favourite song? Ne dirajte mi ravnicu by Miroslav Skoro.
Eva: Which is your favorite film?
Mario: Favourite film? Uff.. I watch a lot of movies and I don't even remember which were the best. I don't know.
Eva: Favourite car?
Mario: Mercedes and Ferrari.
Eva: What is that you don't have but you would like to have?
Mario: (thinks) What is most necessary to me..
Sasa: (interrupts) Davis Cup trophy.
Mario: Yes Davis Cup trophy in pairs. For now I have everything all that I need and that's all.
Eva: If you could be cartoon character, which one you would be?
Mario: Good question. I have to think a little about it.
Sasa: Think.
Mario: Who I'll be? What will be the best ti be? I don't know, Mickey Mouse.
Eva: Favourite piece of clothing?
Mario: Trainers.
Eva: Why is ball more important than girls to boys?
Mario: Well I don't know.
Sasa: She got you good.
Mario: Tough question I didn't expect it. This is trick question. Well I don't know. Because of my father I always loved the ball, I went to trainings and I immediately fell in love with it. I got his genes and football is my love and I'll try to play as long as possible. That is what makes me happy.
Eva: What is your lockscreen?
Mario: My dog Leni.
Sasa: Show it first to camera so we know you don't lie.
Mario: Here. I'm not lying.
Sasa: That's Leni.
Eva: She is so cute.
Sasa: Marion thank you so much for being part of this. We want you luck for tonight and maybe to start some career in tennis.
Mario: Maybe.
Sasa: When football isn't your thing, then maybe try tennis.
Mario: I'll try. I have to win this (Gem Set Hrvatska) tonight. I hope to still have support from crowd.


From 0:15 to 0:36
Interviewer: You won't change your decision. CNT is finished song for you.
Mario: Well yes. During my career I had to make some really important decisions. If we didn't won or accomplished anything(refers to WC) I would still be playing. It was my dream and goal(about silver medal).

From 0:37 to 0:48
Interviewer: You just say good or no good.
Interviewer: Slavonia?
Mario: Very good.
Interviewer: Central Croatia?
Mario: Good.
Interviewer: Dalmatia?
Mario: Very very good.
Interviewer: Well, logically.

From 0:49 to 1:06
Interviewer: Well I have to ask you. Ronaldo is your teammate. Is he sweethear or he is tough?
Mario: No, no. He isn't tough. He is really normal guy. I was suprised a little by how he is simple.

From 1:07 to 1:22
Mario: I have something. Lamp(car lamp indicator) turned on in car.
Interviewer: Then nothing. Throw away car.
Mario: (laughs)
Interviewer: When it's broken. The best solution is to give me key and I'll throw it away. You just be alive and healthy.

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