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Jan 12, 2002
One year ago, in these days, Marcelo Salas became a Juventus’ player. A pearl in the most expensive balckandwhites market ever. The first matches and then the injury, at the of October, that closed early his first season in Turin. That’s why, twelve months later, El Matador is approaching to the new season with a renewed enthusiasm to give his help for the new Juventus’ victories.

This summer has showed the growing physical condition of Salas, well determined to be ready at the right moment: “I feel better and better in every match – the Chilean confirms – The knee isn’t bothering me anymore, I’ve only got to keep on growing in the physical condition. Anyway, I’m tranquil”.

The Matador wants to be a protagonist right from the beginning. On Sunday Juventus will play the Supercoppa Italiana, in Tripoli against Parma, and the Chilean striker or Zalayeta will replace the injured Trezeguet. Maybe he can give to the team his fame of “winner”, that allowed him to win this competition in other circumstances: “I won it twice when I played with Lazio. The first time here in Turin against Juventus, the second time against Inter in Rome. We care a lot about this competition. We want to start the season with a victory. Tripoli? We’re curious to live this experience that will surely be peculiar, also because we’ll fly there with the Parma team, in the same airplane. Surely it won’t be an easy match, we know the Emilian team very well. A guy to look after carefully? Di Vaio”.

To start in Tripoli a new winnig season: this is the goal of Marcello Lippi’s team. To win the Supercoppa and, later, to give everything in the other competitions, the Serie A, the Coppa Italia and the Champions’ League. “We spoke a lot among us in these days and it’s well known that we want to go on winning. We’ll obviously try to win everything, even if we know it’s going to be difficult. Anyway, we have got a winning mentality. The Champions’ League is the most important competition? I don’t know, we surely want to do well in it. Last year we went out in a particular moment and this year we don’t want to make any mistake. I succeded in playing only two matches and so, for me, it’s a nearly new adventure”.

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Jan 12, 2002
From today the internet's world, has something new: it's the official site o the Matador, It' a way to know better Salas, with his past experiences, his victories - with pictures and videos - and a lot of other interesting thigs also about his private life. But, above all, it's a chance di make the Chilean champion close to all his many supporters, not only in Chile but also in Italy. The site is in three languages, Italian, English and, obviously, spanish.

Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
Well bono's got a different nose, I think. Its probably Ferrara.

Who's that guy dozing off with his mouth open in the corner- Im sure he didnt expect us to be seeing this :D :LOL:
Aug 21, 2002
Salas is a champ, i remember his 2 goals againts england in wembley(?), they were superb goals, also his header againts italy in WC98, world class..
But after that i cant seem to remember anything great bout him, esp in lazio..
What i do remember in his first juve campaign was his horrible permormance. Beside the game againts Celtic where he made 1 superb assist, nothing seems gone the right way for Salas then. The turin derby (3-3) must be his worst action ever. Not for just missing a penalty but his whole game was suck!!

But anyway i never loose hope on him. I really hope he can regain his forms like in the late 90's and that we can see more world class goals coming from him just like his goals in the Chile-England friendly.


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Jul 12, 2002
he is an excellent example of the lost talents since wc 98,like sukur and tore andre flo.if these players were to jump back into their previous selves we would see them tearing defences apart in their own leagues right now!


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Jul 12, 2002
Suker is too old and washed up but the probs with all of them is they they warmed the bench too often for their own good
Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by laresca ] ++
Well bono's got a different nose, I think. Its probably Ferrara.
No way, he doesn't look remotely like Ferrara, he does look a little like Rampulla, but I think that it is Fresi.


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Jul 17, 2002
it is Rampulla....look At the Tui sponsorship in Salas's shirt....thats last season's Sponsers.....we didnt have fresi.....therfore: its Rampulla.... + i said so :p

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