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King of Tuz
Jan 24, 2007
He’s not good enough. I’m all for youth, but we have more interesting options than him. Don’t really understand why Pirlo choose this guy.
and he's not hamsum at all. even his name is not cool. he should just use his first name manolo on his shirt. would atleast sound way cooler and way more badass.


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Sep 6, 2014
The criticism is a little harsh. Made good runs, could’ve/should’ve scored on one of them, decent dribble. He’s 20 years old in his first real game, chill. We will never develop anyone with a “one chance and you’re out” mentality that a lot of people on here seem to have, with every player really. Idk if Portanova is serie A quality, it’s going to take more than one game.


Mar 6, 2003
Nah, im not even saying that he is out... just looked out of his level yesterday. That doesnt mean he is an instant reject.


Release clause?
May 22, 2009
I didn't actually understand what position he was occupying during the 1st half. Was he a striker, a winger or just part of the central midfield?

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