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The Grimreaper
Jul 12, 2002
Im now 10000000% sure we bougth Pellegrini just cause Raiola demanded it to get us De Ligt...

Theres No Logical explination to replace Spina for this kid if we were never going to keep him at the club...

Mr Chocolate

Rubba Band Business
Dec 23, 2012
? Why not just keep spin, sell cancelo, buy this guy and loan him out, and not buy Danulo???

So we have 4 players for the fullback positions, one who is always injured, one is a winger and will get molested against actual attackers, one is a 2 club reject who had a few goods seasons in fucken Portugal about 15 years ago, and a Sandro who hasn't cared about football in about 3 years.

Fantastic planning

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