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Jul 15, 2007
Can someone explain how this works regarding ffp accounting
Someone correct me if i'm wrong:
- We sold Spinazzola to Roma before 1.7, so the 26,6M capital gain will count in this season, so we will reduce this season loss.
- We buy L.Pellegrini for 22M and 1,3M salary, so we spend ~8M per year for him, but this cost will count in next season.
- Similar calculate for Roma, so both clubs will get high capital gain and put the cost of players bought to next year.
- The worry things is even after Spinazzola sale (and nearly ~60M capital gain in Audero, Orsolini, Sturaro, Cerri, Favilli sale) , this season may still in the loss ( I saw we sold Rogerio and M.Pinelli to Sassuolo, but don't know the number).

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