Looking for Examples of Tall Footballers That Did/Do Well as Forwards (2 Viewers)

May 25, 2019
Wout Weghorst
Also, tall cb's and GK's are dime a dozen, usually moved there because of their height, If the kid learns technique, gets the ball to stick to him, he can become the focal point in a team, the height can help him stand out. If he is tall when he is young alot of coaches will put him at the back, but when others grow he will just be another player.
Crouch was very underrated technically, he just looked fucking stupid when he was doing anything because of his gangly frame.
Memes aside Bendtner is about 6'4, he is pretty good technically, if he wasnt braindead he could easily have been a mid table epl player,

Thanks, he is basically starting to really thrive at what you suggested. Since I started this thread he has upped his football time to 5 days a week, every week (would be more with tournaments). His schedule consists of 2 practice days a week with his club, at least 1 game a week with his club and 2-3 days a week scrimmaging with adults. His touch, reads, trapping, footwork and his dribbling have all grown by leaps and bounds since he has started to scrimmage with adults. His speed and stamina have both been improving as well. I am thankful that his coaches have given him the opportunity to play up front and he is making the most of it. No matter what level he'll top out at, it won't be because of a lack of love for the game.

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