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Aug 13, 2013
When i was at school i always had to haircut monthly. I went monthly because the growth of just a few days time and the school rule didn't allow go there with long hair. I always hated short hair so for keeping my hair more fashionable and trendy i had been asking barber to faded more on the sides the same style german soldiers in nazi's military.


King of Tuz
Jan 24, 2007
@Lion what do you think, do you get your hair cut long or short?
mine when i didn't shave my head i did short cuz it suits my chad jawline.

now i do shaved on number 1 and look like an ultra chad.

it really depends on your face. i couldn't pull of long hair very when i grew it.


Mar 13, 2011
You have braids? :lol: you are even more of a legend than I thought. Pics or it didn’t happen tho.

I wouldn't say that i 'have braids', more like some days I'll stick my hair in a braid. I think going forward I'll do it more, and get better. Probs get into more complex patterns and shit, I think it could work fuh me look-wise

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