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Nov 2, 2003
I have seen a lot of Stuttgart match this season, couse a hungarian playz there, and the sportschannel showed nearly all of their matches. Hleb is quite a player, but defenetly too selfish, and didnt impressed me so much, to call him an obvious Juve-material. I have serious doubts is he got the abilities to be a playmaker in serie-a, maybe as a winger he could succeed.

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Jun 7, 2004
it looks like he is better than camo is now,
he sould only come after camo's bad euro,
i think camo isn t that good anymore, after taking a place in national team he dont trye s that hard to prove his self
and if we give away camo,
we could use a young fighter as camo used to be,
hoping he will cost less from what camo gives as price.
if camo is back in shape better focus on defence transfers.
but hey is there any news about it, or just another spec to fill our time 4 a while?

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