Little Al should be banned... (1 Viewer)


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Jul 17, 2002
I can't stand this guy..... :groan:
He just registered here in the forums a couple of days ago and he should be banned forever.

My Reason: He's My Younger Brother ;) :D

Now how's that for giving him some attention?! ;)

Seriously, He's been wanting to join here for a while now and i'm glad he finally did.

So please Welcome him so he could stay here....he'll be very usefull because if i pis$ any of you people off, he'll glady take the blame/beating for it ;)

Poor guy, i think i just ruined his chances of getting a good reputation here by associating him with me! :D

Buy on


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Jul 16, 2003

Majed!!! u r mean!!!!! :D :D :D

anyway, hi Little Al, i saw u around the forums jus now but i dun think i said anything to u.

Welcome :) I'm new here 2 :)


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Sep 2, 2002
Hi there to Majed's little brother. With any luck I won't have to beat you up too ;)

And Majed: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing:
:fero: ;)

Little Al

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Aug 18, 2003
hey every body,thanx 4 welcoming me here,i hope i'll fun here,i would have come sooner but something was wrong with my e-mail account,anyways u guy's can call me talal,and thanx again.

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