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Jul 13, 2002
Marcello Lippi says he could quit Juventus next season if he doesn’t lead the club to Champions’ League glory.

The tactician lost his third successive European Cup Final on Wednesday when his side were defeated by Milan on penalties.

"There are two ways to react to this defeat," said the disappointed tactician. "You can give up or try again next year.

"We’ll give it our best shot once more and if we win the trophy then I will remain here. If not I will wave goodbye and spend more time with my grandson."

Lippi’s threat has surprised many as it comes just a couple of months after he signed a new two-year contract with the club.

On putting pen to paper, the former Napoli boss insisted he would never walk out on the Delle Alpi outfit again after his resignation during his previous spell in 1999.

The Viareggino has led the Bianconeri to four European Cup Finals now but his only victory came seven years ago against Ajax in Rome.

"I want to try to reach a fifth final," continued Lippi. "People can claim that I’m a European loser but I don’t feel like one."

The Coach also commented on the choice of penalty takers at Old Trafford with reports suggesting that many didn’t fancy the responsibility.

"I can’t obligate anyone to go and take a penalty," he added. "Only people that feel in the right frame of mind should step up."

David Trezeguet, Marcelo Zalayeta and Paolo Montero all missed from the spot against Brazilan ‘keeper Dida.

what do you all think?? I guess this will be a good motivation for Lippi, the borad and players to win the CL next season.I don't wanna to lose Lippi he is good but a bit unlucky.

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Aug 7, 2002
I feel horrible for Lippi:frown: He is the best tactician in the world and he desertves much more. Thats it, I have made up my mind. I dont care anymore. Juventus will win the Champions League next year. Del Piero , Nedved, Buffon, and Tacchi will hold on to this trophy.
My favourite teams in the world are Juve, Milan and Bayern.However starting from now, its only Juve that will win the champions League. Its about a frame of mind. A mentality that says our faith and confidence will prevail. No one else has that like JUVE.
PS. I think it was Alex that posted some reply about the 7 important factore for a teams performance. Like Form, motivation...I cant remember the rest, but can someone post it please because I would like to make a poster with Juve and those factors please to stick up on my wall.Thanks


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Jul 15, 2002
i've read this article statement too. Interesting bit was that some players asked NOT to take penalty.

Now that's the thing to work on ;)


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Oct 9, 2002
well if i would consider between losing lippi or winning the champions league i'll definitly go for lippi as winning or losing a trophy isn't as importent as losing a coach like M Lippi , so i hope that we'll win the cl next season but if we didn't i wish that our coach don't leave us .

forza Lippi .


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Apr 19, 2003
I think his comment was just a heat of the moment call. In time he'll realise that it's not what he wants to do. Look ar ferguson at Man U.....he changed his mind at least second because he loved the club too much and Lippi is the same. Only way Lippi would leave was if he was sacked (highly doubtful) or if he became coach of the azzurri. In that case Viali for coach!!


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Mar 6, 2003
05/30/2003. "The better team won. It hurts, especially after the penalty kicks, but we should have taken the match before that". David Trezeguet breaks the wall of silence that surrounded Juventus at the end of the Champions League final against Milan, and blames his coach for making the wrong moves.

"We didn't lose the game mentally, but technically" the French striker added. "Milan had more quality and we didn't manage to find the right countermeasures. We should have prepared the match in a different way, we should have played in a different way. This defeat must be a warning in view of next season".

from socecr age.


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Jul 12, 2002
Lippi can not leave.i believe it was said in the spur of the moment although it isn't like lippi.i hope moggi and co. will convince him.


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Jul 13, 2002
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    The first time Lippi left because He resigned not sacked so he can do it again if we don't win the CL.


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    Apr 21, 2003
    Well under Lippi, we nearly always reached the final (except last season) and considering that finals are decided mostly through episodes and not the coaches, Lippi has always been nearly perfectly in his work to bring us there. Who should take the blame? Definitely the players.


    Mar 30, 2003
    that was harsh from trezy he isn't even man enough to except the fact that he played like shit. he shouldn't put the blame on lippi instead lift his head and say yeh we didn't play at our best but there is always next year.theres no need in making lame excuses.


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    Sep 6, 2002
    ++ [ originally posted by Stevie11 ] ++
    that was harsh from trezy he isn't even man enough to except the fact that he played like shit. he shouldn't put the blame on lippi instead lift his head and say yeh we didn't play at our best but there is always next year.theres no need in making lame excuses.
    I was about to say the same thing about Trez.He of all the people should shut up bcos he's the one who gave the game away.He played crap,gave possesion away and missed a penalty.

    Maybe the article below will explain why he played crap.If he thinks like this then he doesn't have juve mentality and we may need to show him the door.:(

    David Trezeguet claims that merely being in the Champions’ League Final is already a victory in this injury ravaged season.

    “For a player in club football,” noted the Juventus star, “to play in this prestigious match is almost as important as winning it.”

    “Only we know how many strains, sacrifices, incidents and moments of luck are necessary to get here. If you lift the trophy as well, then your name goes down in the history books, but nobody can take away the experience of playing.”

    There was a time during this unfortunate campaign when Trezeguet thought he’d be watching Juve play from the sidelines.

    A continuing knee ligament problem almost prompted surgery, while he damaged a shoulder during a fall just weeks into his comeback.

    “I feel great right now, but still not 100 per cent fit. That is why I asked to play at least some of Saturday’s match with Chievo. I scored as well, so that boosted my morale further.”

    Now he will be one of the men to watch at Old Trafford when Juventus take on Milan.

    “To play for the Cup in just one match is one of the toughest things to do, as every little mistake can count. But I will say now that even if Juve don’t win the Champions’ League this will have been an extraordinary year.”

    Juventus can still do The Double by matching their Scudetto success with a European trophy, while Milan look set to snatch the Coppa Italia.

    “It is undoubtedly a great year for Italian football,” noted the Frenchman. “You will see entertaining play in the Final. The reason I score so many goals is because Juve’s tactics are always based on attack.”

    Marcello Lippi will be forced to adjust his set-up in the absence of the suspended Pavel Nedved.

    “We cannot deny it is a terrible blow to the squad,” admitted Trezeguet, “because so much of our play goes through him. We can only make up for his absence by raising the tempo.”


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    Apr 21, 2003
    Just read that the contract talks between Moggi and Trezeguet's father (his manager) have been postponed again. Is this the start of a soap opera that will go on throughout the summer? Hope not; either way it goes, I wish it gets solved asap.

    Bet Arsenal will be very happy to hear of this latest development.


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    Apr 21, 2003
    If he leaves (or rather if Moggi doesn`t insist in offering him a good contract) is cos Juve have already someone lined up to take his shoes.


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    May 17, 2003
    actually i want trez to leave coz i think that juve could really use someone better than him... he waits for chances to come to him, he doesn't make them or atleast help in makin them,,,


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    Mar 6, 2003
    thats true, but,,,, he did a lot for us last campaign.

    The fact is that, a mobile striker paired with delpiero could be awesome.


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    Dec 14, 2002
    ++ [ originally posted by cutemarmar ] ++
    actually i want trez to leave coz i think that juve could really use someone better than him... he waits for chances to come to him , he doesn't make them or atleast help in makin them,,,
    thats what we call striker...not forward...trezegol is not forward.
    His role also didn't same with di vaio or alex role...he is finisher..Cool Finisher :cool:

    he is like you think pippo is good in creating and dribbling? i don't think so....

    i agree that trezegol has lack of hardworking this season...but u must remember trezegol is not in top form (after injury) but still can score significant goal for us...

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