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Jun 9, 2003
Lippi impressed by Milan
Wednesday 21 July, 2004

New Italy boss Marcello Lippi has named Milan as his favourites to win Lo Scudetto next season.

"They are the strongest side and the team to beat in the new campaign," said the former Juventus tactician.

"They have added strength to the squad over the summer and they are the reigning champions anyway."

Lippi made the statement on Wednesday as he started his tour of Serie A clubs with the Rossoneri.

"Out of respect, it was only right that I began here with Milan," he added. "I had to come here first."

Lippi is travelling around the country in the hope of picking up some ideas by visiting clubs in training.

The tactician was appointed as Azzurri boss just days after Giovanni Trapattoni’s side flopped at Euro 2004.

"We are still at an early organisational stage but it is my hope to get off to a good start," he continued.

"The national side hasn’t had the best of results in recent times and we must find some enthusiasm again.

"I think people can get excited by the national side thanks to these visits where I can exchange opinions with coaches and players."

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Sep 23, 2003
For one, I'd have to agree that Milan is the team Juve has to beat. You might be tempted to say Inter with the great transfer season they've had, but then this is Inter we're talking about afterall... :D

More to the point, Lippi is probably trying to make nice with Galliani so he doesn't get spit on when he asks to call up half their starting squad for international duty.
Sep 14, 2003
Lippi has to show he's neutral, he'd piss off every other club if he started saying that about Juve. He's just playing the media/PR game.


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Oct 30, 2001
++ [ originally posted by baggio ] ++
How can you say that Marcello? Now the only way you can make it up to us is by winning the world cup in 2006.
oh come on, its perfectly obvious that we aren't the favourites, i'd probably put us third, perhaps even behind inter this year if they get it right.


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Apr 3, 2003
i was right that i never liked lippi anyway and that i was happy that he left.

we don't need a coach like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if i was juve's coach,i would be constantly saying that JUVE are the strongest.
cause they are.-

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