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Aug 22, 2007
This French football club is run by fans who use an app to choose the team

While the manager is still in charge, the club’s fans can influence team tactics by voting on key match decisions.

The app gives supporters direct involvement in each game and motivates players to become crowd pleasers, if only to avoid being substituted. United Managers helped the Normandy sixth-tier side win promotion last year and they currently sit at the top of the Regional 1 league.


Imagine if Tuz did this. The kind of trolling that'd take place...


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Apr 17, 2013
The joke continues. Yesterday the PSG signed a new sponsorship agreement with the group Accor Hotels. 50-60 million until 2022, chance makes that qatar is one of the main shareholders, that the CEO sébatien bazin was the previous president of psg and that Nicolas sarkosy who had helped qatar to get the world cup is also member of the board of directors of Accor.

the logo: A bird, two twin towers. any resemblance to actual individuals or events is coincident . :jack:

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