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May 11, 2005
Normal for a player to pick up a lot of muscle injuries after coming back from a long term knee injury.

I'd think it will continue for at least the first half of next season.


Mar 6, 2003
Alex Sandro LB. Spinazzola RB.

Spina is right-footed. I actually like him on the left because he cuts inside effectively but should be fine on the right.
Ah ok.

If im not wrong, he said he doeSnt feel comfortable as rb. Could be wrong tho

It could be because he finds easier to dribble past opponents and do his trick from the left.

It could be like a cuadrado case. He is naturally right footed and in theory should be playing from the left... but it seems he find it better for him to play on the right because the way he dribbles etc

But if he is willing and sarri can make him play there, im all for it


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Sep 20, 2011
@PedroFlu what do you think about about him and his future here?
I like him, but I'm always a bit annoyed to see a FB using primarily the opposite foot. Like many mentioned, he'd also be my first try as a RB if Cancelo leaves. He has some nice flair, and enough personality. Many Italian "youngsters" choke when they play for Juve (see Rugani), but I like this guys agression.

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