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the jesus

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Jun 10, 2009
He used to be trash, just like Bonehead.

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he might have formed that opinion based on chiellini's performances as a left back. he was a terrible left back.

as a cb tho, especially in recent years :tuttosport: he aged very well.
Very true. He has become alot better with age. Before he was as error prone as Bonehead.


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Apr 5, 2018
I re-watched the first 10 mins of Torino game, what a dreadful spell of play from Bon Bon.

I think we get spoiled sometimes as Juve fans, as it may be fair to say “fuck Bonucci” cause he has cost us 50% of our goals this year, but you must remember, we don’t give up too many goals. There are no sure things in football. Even Maldini and Nesta can piss away a three goal lead in the second half. Can we say Bonucci is infuriating? Yes. Perhaps better with a back three? Yes. A fuckface for his antics? Yes. But in this instance, three goals over two legs with Rugani as a partner... this is about expectations.

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