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Jul 27, 2002
i'm sure if u google around u'll find tons of sites bout learning italian

i learn italian at school, but as progress was too slow for me (i finally wanted to understand the calcio-related-articles on the internet) i found many great sites that helped me learning all the grammar...

i have learned italian for 2 years now and i can talk without any problems to italians (if they don#t speak dialect...)


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Jul 12, 2002
You won't be able to learn Italian using online translators.

They translate word for word. I can always spot a website that uses these bad translators. Soccerage.com used to have horrible english articles translated from Italian. Not sure how they are now.

Best bet is to take a class. If not, maybe a book or CD you can learn from.


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Jul 12, 2002
Yes, I say go to Italy, that is probably the best way. I know numerous people who have done exactly that and will support that conclusion. I think having to use it all the time and being exposed to it all the time really helps you pick it up.

I had 3 semesters of it in college and I would hardly say I know Italian. It's a lot of work.
Apr 4, 2004
cool. it wud be a dream to go to italy! =0)
i wanna move there already even tho i've never been there...well,anything is better than england,especially the weather!! lol imo

and i wanna go to genoa so i cud travel to turin and get a season ticket! hehe

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