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Jul 23, 2002
its nice to see Lazio being able to hold Milan at bay

now its only up the Chievio to hold Inter

and Somebody has to stop Piancenza

most intresdting is however to see how Roma will hold up against a typical middle team like Bresica........

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Jul 17, 2002
++ [ originally posted by roby ] ++

well Sivori on abu dhabi sports where i get 2 watch all serie a matches they have this prediction thingi if u get 9 out of 9 right u will get 100,000 $ 8 out of 9 10,000 $ 7 out of 9 1000 $ n i predicted a win 4 juve as well as milan but i lost both the matches me don think me will get the rest of the matches correct 2day :(
OK, i thought you meant the prediction-game thread :)
Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by K10 ] ++
Lazio is simply the best. They played the most entertaining an italian club has played this season. And guess what, they played so entertaining against the side that was said to be one of the if not the most entertaining in the world.
Entertaining, maybe, but not the best.

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