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Jul 27, 2002
doesn't have sponsors on their jerseys....
I read about it for some weeks ago, but thought it was B.S.
since I read it on a Lazio site....

Even Barca seems to get a Sponsor this year,
the protest are high ammong the fans...

I don't get it, last year almost bankrupt and this year a jersey
with no sponsor????

and still they have trouble making their players sign new deals and
lets not even mention signing new players....

maybe I have misunderstood the whole thing, maybe no-one wnats to B their sponsor, rather than they have a very good economic situation....


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Jul 14, 2002
Great jersey :cool::thumb: It looks plain yet full of style and class :star:

BTW, don't you guys find that Benfica's jersey looks awfully similar to Man Utd's? The only difference is that they're sponsored by Adidas and not Nike.

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