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Jul 31, 2002
I know, I know....this is ridiculed every time, but here is the latest standings:-

1. (1.) Milan AC Italia/4 324,0
2. (2.) Real Madrid CF España/4 299,0
3. (3.) Manchester United FC England/4 277,0
4. (5.) FC Barcelona España/4 276,0
5. (4.) Arsenal FC London England/4 273,0
6. (9.) FC do Porto Portugal/3 262,5
7. (6.) FC Juventus Torino Italia/4 260,0
8. (6.) FC Internazionale Milano Italia/4 253,0
9. (8.) Glasgow Celtic FC Scotland/3 251,0
10. (10.) SS Lazio Roma Italia/4 240,0
11. (29.) CA Boca Juniors Buenos Aires Argentina/4 232,0
12. (12.) Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña España/4 227,0
13. (11.) Valencia CF España/4 226,0
14. (13.) AJ Auxerroise France/4 225,0
15. (29.) Santos FC Brasil/4 224,0
16. (21.) FC Bayern München Deutschland/4 209,0
17. (14.) AFC Ajax Amsterdam Nederland/3 207,5
18. (15.) Paris Saint-Germain FC France/4 204,0
19. (17.) FC Basel Schweiz/2 202,0
20. (16.) Newcastle United FC England/4 201,0
21. (18.) AEK Athens Greece/3 199,5
22. (19.) Liverpool FC England/4 197,0
23. (26.) CA River Plate Buenos Aires Argentina/4 196,0
24. (20.) AS Roma Italia/4 194,0
(23.) Málaga CF España/4 194,0
26. (21.) FC Girondins de Bordeaux France/4 191,0
27. (28.) Club Nacional de Football Montevideo Uruguay/3 186,0
28. (24.) VfB Stuttgart Deutschland/4 185,0
29. (25.) BV Borussia Dortmund Deutschland/4 184,0
30. (26.) Panathinaikos Athens Greece/3 182,0
31. (32.) Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto-Alegrense Brasil/4 180,0
32. (31.) Besiktas SK Istanbul Türkiye/3 177,5
33. (36.) Dinamo Kiev Ukraina/2 176,0
34. (38.) Feyenoord Rotterdam Nederland/3 174,5
35. (34.) CD Cobreloa Calama Chile/3 174,0
36. (39.) Wisla Kraków Polska/2 173,0
(33.) RSC Anderlecht Belgique/3 173,0
38. (73.) EC Cruzeiro Belo Horizonte Brasil/4 172,0
(36.) Club Brugge KV Belgique/3 172,0
40. (40.) Racing Club Avellaneda Argentina/4 170,0
41. (44.) SC Corinthians Paulista São Paulo Brasil/4 166,0
42. (34.) Club Alianza Lima Perú/3 165,0
43. (47.) Glasgow Rangers FC Scotland/3 164,0
44. (43.) Asociación Deportivo Cali Colombia/3 162,0
45. (41.) Olympique Lyonnais France/4 161,0
46. (42.) Hertha BSC Berlin Deutschland/4 160,0
47. (46.) CD América Cali Colombia/3 158,5
48. (44.) AC Sparta Praha Ceská Republika/3 156,0
49. (57.) CD Independiente Medellín Colombia/3 153,0
50. (50.) SK Slavia Praha Ceská Republika/3 150,0


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Jul 31, 2002
Club World Ranking:

Milan extend their lead !
CA Boca Juniors Buenos Aires - the World's Club Team of the Month for June 2003

Milan have, as leader, increased their lead following their wins in the European Champions League and the "Coppa Italia". Other national cupwinners improving their positions considerably in the Club World Ranking are Cruzeiro Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Bayern Munich (Germany), Real CD Mallorca (Spain), Spartak Moscow (Russia), USM Alger (Algeria), Hajduk Split (Croatia) etc.

The World's Club Team of the Month of June are Boca Juniors from Buenos Aires. Coach Carlos Bianchi’s team won their last six matches in the Copa Libertadores, are well placed in the national Clausura and achieved the highest number of points worldwide in June. CA Boca Juniors jumped from 29th to 11th place and as a result are again the best-placed team from South America in the Club World Ranking, ahead of the ambitious young team from Santos. Both teams are also finalists in the Copa Libertadores.

Six clubs managed, after a long absence, to leap into the “Top 100“ of the Club World Ranking again, for the first time, Union Sportive Madina Alger, as well as very impressive the finalists in the "Copa do Brasil", Flamengo Rio de Janeiro. Oceania's top team are the new Australian champions Perth Glory (place 202). As a consequence of the SARS epidemic, competitions in Asia could not be continued as planned.

In the "Top 100" there are clubs from 36 countries, 26 clubs from the CONMEBOL, 5 from the CONCACAF, 3 from the CAF, 1 from the AFC and 65 from the UEFA. The following leagues were represented by the most clubs in the "Top 100": Spain (9), England (8), Brazil (8), Germany (7), Italy (6), Argentine (5), France (5), Czech Republic (4), Mexico (4).


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Jul 31, 2002
Clubs more times First in Club World Ranking
Am häufigsten Weltranglisten-Erster
El Club más veces Primero en la Clasificación Mundial de Clubes
Les Premiers du Classement Mondial des différents Mois

1. Milan AC Italia 29
2. FC Barcelona España 16
FC Juventus Torino Italia 16
4. Real Madrid CF España 13
5. Manchester United FC England 12
6. AS Roma Italia 11
7. Liverpool FC England 10
8. FC Bayern München Deutschland 8
9. AFC Ajax Amsterdam Nederland 6
CA River Plate Buenos Aires Argentina 6
11. Paris Saint-Germain FC France 5
12. FC Internazionale Milano Italia 4
SE Palmeiras São Paulo Brasil 4
Torino AC Italia 4
CA Boca Juniors Buenos Aires Argentina 4
16. FK Crvena zvezda Beograd Jugoslavija 2
17. SS Lazio Roma Italia 1
Galatasaray SK Istanbul Türkiye 1


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Jul 31, 2002
The strongest National League of the World 2002
Die stärkste Liga der Welt 2002
La Mejor Liga de Fútbol del Mundo 2002
Le Meilleur Championnat National du Monde 2002

1. España 1.209,0
2. England 1.183,0
3. Italia 1.119,0
4. Deutschland 1.053,0
5. Argentina 756,0
6. France 742,0
7. Hellas 716,0
8. México 707,5
9. Brasil 706,0
10. Ceská Republika 704,5
11. Nederland 702,5
12. Chile 676,5
13. Belgique 675,5
14. Türkiye 639,5
15. Scotland 617,0
16. Uruguay 603,0
17. Colombia 595,5
18. Portugal 578,0
19. Russia 507,0
20. Perú 496,5
21. Paraguay 490,5
22. Israel 470,0
23. Bulgaria 447,0
24. Ukraina 445,0
25. Polska 435,0
26. Jugoslavija 434,5
27. Schweiz 430,5
28. Bolivia 420,0
29. Österreich 413,5
30. Egypt 401,0
31. Danmark 390,0
32. Iraq 382,0
33. Croatia 374,0
34. Korea (S) 361,0
35. Ecuador 358,0
36. Uzbekistan 356,0
37. Magyarország 348,0
38. Algeria 342,0
39. Iran 336,5
40. Costa Rica 336,0
41. Norge 331,0
42. Sverige 322,0
43. Maroc 321,5
44. Japan 316,0
45. România 312,0
46. USA 310,0
47. Slovensko 304,5
48. Australia 301,5
49. South Africa 301,0
50. Saudi Arabia 297,0


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Dec 16, 2002
Ok, I am not going to take this personally, and I have never seen a leauge game in most of these countries but any person with consicous mind would not say that Uzbek has better league than Japan. And Iraq?


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Jul 31, 2002
You know...I'm a bit thick! :confused:
Can someone tell me if Asia has a continental club competition along the same lines as the Champions League....i.e. Australian Champs v Japanese, New Zealand v Malasia?


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Jul 31, 2002
And what about American and Canadian do they compare themselves against other national club teams?

Are these competitions FIFA Approved?


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Dec 16, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Roverbhoy ] ++
You know...I'm a bit thick! :confused:
Can someone tell me if Asia has a continental club competition along the same lines as the Champions League....i.e. Australian Champs v Japanese, New Zealand v Malasia?
There is an Asian Champions League, however, nobody gives care about it.;). As for New Zealand, and Austrailia, there have different federation.

Anyway, I think it won't take too long before we see some sort of initiative to make more prestigious Asian Tournament or some sort of merging between leagues to increase prestige and market size. I am betting that J-League might someday merge with Chinese and Korean league.:)


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Jul 31, 2002
Well, the reason I was asking was because (bad English) if you look at the ranking tables, the teams from the far east and North America are real low down.

Could this be because they have no way of being ranked by FIFA as they have no means of comparing the quality of their leagues against others.

How would, say the USA, move up the rankings if their champs have no way of gaining ranking points?

Japan are, as highlighted by Jun-hide, lower than some countries that you just wouldn't think possible. Could this be because Japan don't play competative international club matches?


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Dec 16, 2002
That could be one main reason, Roverbboy.:).
Nevertheless, unless those who produced the result comes up with their method, I cannot and will not accept this absurd result. There are far too many annomalies.


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Jul 31, 2002
Just for you Jun-hide:D

How the Club World Ranking is made

The World Club Ranking was started monthly since January 1st, 1991 and the information is globally distributed early in the following month. This ranking takes into consideration the results of twelve months of continental and intercontinental competitions, national league matches (including play-offs) and the national cup. In those countries having several national cup competitions, only the one organised by the national federation is included. Since the cup competition systems are diverse at the preliminary stage level, we assign only the points won in eight-finals, quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final. The points are assigned based upon a rating system of the level of performance of each national league. In the case of matches decided by penalty-kicks, each team receives half of the points in contention.
All national leagues are rated at four levels based upon performance. In this grouping, each country (where the club plays) is assigned a number indicating the performance level of each national league. Clubs in the highest level leagues receive 4 points for each match won, 2 for a draw and 0 for a defeat. Level 2 is assigned 3 pts. (win), 1.5 (draw) and 0 (lost), and so on with the next lower levels. The same system applies for the play-off matches.

In the continental competitions, all clubs receive the same number of points at all stages regardless of the performance level of their leagues. In the case of draws each team receives 50% of the points in dispute and 0 points for a lost match. The points are distributed equally to teams in matches decided by penalty-kicks. All Asia, Africa and CONCACAF continental competitions have the same point-assignment system: 8 points for a win, 4 for a draw; in the preliminary tournament phases for The Caribbean and Oceania zones, only 4 and 2 points are assigned for win and draw. In the South American competitions the clubs receive 12 points for a win, 6 for a draw; and in the European 14 and 7 points, respectively. Competitions between two continents are evaluated depending upon their importance. In the FIFA World Club Cup, the awarding system for wins and draws is determined by averaging the number of points assigned for wins and draws in each of the other continental competitions.

Those competitions not organized by a continental confederation, or any intercontinental events not recognized by FIFA, are not taken into consideration for the World Club Ranking. Any competition cancelled before completion alters the point system. In order to equalise the chances of South American and European clubs we do not consider the result of previous matches already played in said tournament.

The World Club Ranking is a precise classification showing the real level of the clubs free of any subjective influence. It is the result of a profound analysis that allows us to fairly report the level of international performance for each country.

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