La Coppa Italia: Reggina - Juventus (1 Viewer)


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Jul 13, 2002

*checking to see if the messages are still screwed up*

anyway, its nice to see so many ppl! i missed u guys! dammit, nobody covered the Deportivo and Roma matches... it was kinda sad really, but well...

shit happens :(

but look on the bright side, we're back! yay!


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Jul 13, 2002

frankly i wouldnt give a damn about seeing goals in the coppa italia... besides, the goals sound scrappy.

a penalty and a close range volley or something.

and i heard that there wont be much space or something on new host

btw, what u think of my Van Nistelrooy avatar :cool:



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Jul 16, 2002

I watched the game, and once again, Salas sucked !!!! So he scored a PK, big deal !!!! Otherwise, he was non-existant

Biri almost cost us a stupid goal, but thanks to Chimenti with an excellent save

Olivera needs more time before he is ready IMO,his decision making is still questionable

Zala had an excellent goal, FORZA ZALA !!!!


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Sep 2, 2002
no way - why not win everything we can :)
besides, the coppa is good because people who don't usually make it onto the pitch get a good game in


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Sep 21, 2002
++ [ originally posted by jamaliano ] ++
its just a coppa. The last thing i care about. I hope we lose and get out of this bullcrap
very bad thinking!

we are Juve! we are one of the most ambitious clubs in the world. hoshi & kristian totally right here


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Dec 7, 2002
the coppa is just filling our fixture for nothing. Let the assistant coach deal with it. I dont think we need to send any first team players to this matches. We need to concentrate on the scudetto and the CL. its these destructions that make use of the teams recuperation time.

so to HELL with the coppa! send the primavera

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