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Aug 21, 2010
Max have had his try with a Juve level team and has failed, yet Sarri didn't, how hard is this to understand?
Are you really that incompetent at everything you do? The third most successful manager in Juve's history and THE MOST SUCCESSFUL JUVE MANAGER WITH ONE SPELL AT THE CLUB is, in fact, in your eyes, in your honest opinion, just a someone who tried and fail? You claim that he's a joke in your previous reply to me? You actually said that what he accomplished has nothing to do with him and anyone would have done the same? And then you give thumbs up to Sarri of all people? Geeeeezz....

Now please humor me, if anyone would have done what Max did, how can you approve the same person who was in fact head to head with "anyone", had his advantage and still failed to beat and win against "anyone"? And please read again your posts from today here, because you already said that Juventus doesnt have the best team and should compensate that with a strong and a better than the rest manager. So with that being said the "Sarri never had Juve level team" excuse doesnt work. Though you also said that during these years Napoli always have had better attackers and managers than us, your words. You have also stated in previous posts that Napoli's midfield has always been superior than ours bar the MVVP days. So in fact in turns out that Napoli has better managers, better midfield and better attackers than us, but they still fucked up and lost the title. And their leader, the smoking chimpanzee, is part of all those better managers than the "joke" Max Allegri?

I mean, why are you still posting? You are a likeable poster with so much negativity inside that is funny to read, but you are also an indicator for what someone should expect, almost everything you say or predict turns out the absolute opposite and that still doesn't bug you enough to change your screenplay. You deserve respect, but respect is given where it's due, and you certainly failed to give your credit and respect to a Juve legend and one of Juve's best. I really feel sorry for you if you think that Allegri has failed as a Juve manager. I really, really do...
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