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il brutto

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Jun 6, 2015
Besides you and Kyle, do you feel there are any others on tuz who have stood by Allegri's side and wanted him to remain after the disappointments of last season?

From polls in newspapers and also what was written in Juve related forums, I think guys like you who wanted to continue our CL agony with Allegri are an undisputed minority among juventini. Of course if you put it like "who'd you rather have between Allegri and Sarri or Allegri and Pep", the answers to those questions would vary a lot based on coaching preferences, but overall if the question was "do you want Allegri to remain" and nothing else, most would prefer to change the coach to whoever Agnelli/Paratici value worthy.

there were a lot of problems with Max like past CL traumas, bad fitness levels, constant injury problems over the norm, reportedly losing the dressing room, lack of ideas in the final third etc.
Plenty. Sadly the angry and the constantly disappointed are the much more vocal group. This is true not only in football but in pretty much everything. You can always paint a picture the way you want to. I definitely think the constant need for change most people have is the biggest driver in all of this. We live in a world where people aren't able to appreciate what they have and always look at the other side of the fence in awe, even if there's only a landfill on the other side.


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Mar 1, 2013
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Mar 23, 2015
Besides you and Kyle, do you feel there are any others on tuz who have stood by Allegri's side and wanted him to remain after the disappointments of last season?
me too. i've been telling for years that it's the squad that needs fixing, not the coach. i might be wrong of course, but with players like de sciglio, bonucci, rugani, matuidi, bentancur, and this calendar year, mandzukic (who's btw one of my darlings) in the starting lineup, we cannot realistically aim for the cl trophy. and i always said that we need more consistency, and we shouldn't be aiming for an other transition year every single summer. our best squad was the 2014/15 one, it only needed two better attacking fullbacks. i dunno who's to blame for all these summer mercati (marotta? paratici, who did the scouting?), still, i always had the feeling that once we strengthened a key area of the squad, we instantly replied with weakening an other.

also, talk about disappointment: in the cl knockouts or final with allegri, juve were beaten by real madrid, bayern and barcelona before the loss to ajax. all were more experienced, more expensive, higher rated teams, and in most cases, the ties were decided by unlucky incidents. so looking at the bigger picture: one single slip-up in 5 seasons? juventus is around the 10-11. place in the football money league, yet allegri made it a top5 squad on the rankings. and back to the thread now: i'd be fucking happy with our next coach if he could achieve a similar record.
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