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Jul 15, 2002
Which team do you think of?
Conte pointed out that it is Milan. But I don't agree with him. Milan is not a stable team, they don't have balance and consistency although they have a really excellent front line. Inter has the real possibility with Ronaldo backs. However, I doubt it. Last season they have a wonderful race but it doesn't mean this season their rivals will let them do it again. Their playstyle lacks creativity.

Juve has so many rivals both on the race and of the jealousity. And it's no surprise that this season our strongest rival is Roma. Roma has a class squad, their players are very competive. They have real stars in every section. They play solidly and consitently and most of all they have a "grey-headed varmint" on the bench. I think they are our serious rival.

What do you think?

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Jul 26, 2002
Which team will be the best rival for Juve?
I think Milan is the best because they have a superb attacking line-up. I don't think they will opt for defensive play this season although Ancelotti is known for his preferences not to play attacking football for 90 minutes. Ancelotti has good knowledge on defensive part as he had shown with Juve for 2 consecutive season. So the question whether Milan is a stable team or not should not be arrised.
I honestly think that Juve is the main rival for Milan this season and not Milan is the Juve main rival if Juve play negatively.
But I still believe Juve has all the recipe to be the Champion.


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Jul 12, 2002
Milan : very good team with very good players, but they are lopsided in that they don't seem to have good balance on the right, the defence is not too clever and Ancellotti is their manager

Inter: excellent players but still no team, their style will be more attractive if Vieri or Ronaldo are not playing as they tent to over rely on these guys when they are playing

Roma : They are the best of the lot, if only Capello can play 3 strikers all the time, and give Cassano more of a chance, they will be hard to beat. Question marks on Batistuta though

Roma for me


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Jul 16, 2002
I thought it would be Inter, but now I'm starting to believe that Milan will be our biggest rival. They are LOADED up front, and Rivaldo can make the difference IMO
Aug 3, 2002
i think milan r our main rivals this season .with inter it will b a close champioship .roma will be crap this season cause totti and batistuta won't reccover from wc dissapointment


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Jul 17, 2002
Inter, they almost won with only Vieri really performing well, if both he and Ronaldo can play well this year, they've got a good chance of ending one up on last year.

Milan may have more attacking options than half of serie a put together. but unless berlusconi convinces the FA that his side should be allowed to field 16 players at once I don't see how they're going to utilise all of their forwards. After all, ancelotti isn't exactly the master of the attacking football.
Is there anyone who doesn't believe that he's going for the tridente? Milan have three fantasistas in the team now, one lazier than the other.
Hopefully the fight for places will enable us to snatch Pirlo from them...


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Jul 27, 2002
it's true milan have an impressive squad - but that means nothing...

i mean last year it was the same thing - nearly everbody here thought milan would be juve's main-rival, because of the impressive names in their squad, but they ended up in 4th place

so it's difficult to predict who will be our biggest rival - i think it will be about the same as last year, cause not many transfer were done this summer...

maybe millan will close the gap to the first trio, because they bought some good players and they have great players in attacking, but they can't line-up all of them...

and ancelotti isn't famous for attacking-football at all...

so i predict roma, to be our no1 rival...


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Aug 7, 2002
I think Inter is the biggest threat, as they were last year.
But of course we're gonna defend the title... at least, i don't wanna wait 4 years again:dontcare:.


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Jul 28, 2002
I predict that Piacenza will be our biggest rivals................

Only kiddin, if milan get canna then milan it is, if inter get Nesta then they'l be up there, if Roma get Davids, Roma it may well be, if Lazio get........well if lazio perform then maybe.

Imo Juve ourselves our biggest rival, with our rivals bolstering their changing rooms with for once, logical buys, we have to perform. If we perfrom we should take the championship.


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Jul 12, 2002
Still Roma for me, have not seen anything in the transfer market that will dissuade me though i have to say if Terim was still at Milan then my tune would have been different

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Aug 8, 2002
Hey guys I'm new here. First thing first this is great site and I've gotten to learn so much more about Juve by visiting this site several times daily.

To be honest I'm not worried about inter, ac milan or roma. Considering that we were a stong team last year despite numerous injuries, this year we will be much better. Sure Inter may have a stonger defense now, but we have so much talent on our team that gives Lippi a diverse array of formation to use. Should Juve sign Chiesa, that money that Inter used to get Cannavaro will surely go to waste!

Forza Juve!!!


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Jul 21, 2002
why didnt cannavaro come to AC MILAN :'(

oh well.. maybe we can have nesta, no where near as good as canna! but better than nothing! !
Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by John #10 ] ++
Imo Juve ourselves our biggest rival, with our rivals bolstering their changing rooms with for once, logical buys, we have to perform. If we perfrom we should take the championship.
Perfectly said. [clapping]

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