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Jul 6, 2004
We say we have a old squad,but do we really have one? Let's look at our first 11 under the age of 28.


Buffon: 28.01.78 (Age 26). He is and will be worldclass for at least 6 years..

Zebina: 28.01.78 (Age 26) Not the biggest star we have in our team.But a solid RB, great in defense and if neede he can move forward. He has at least 5 years ahead of him

Tudor: 16.04.78 (Age 26) He has so much talent that he could easily become a Worldclass defender,i think he is beging to become more confident under Capello, if he will be less-injury prone he should already be a starter.And defenders can play for a while.He has easilly 7 years of football ahead of him.

Leggrotaile: 20.10.76 (Age 27) He was a flop last year. But if he regains it's form he could play in our starting 11. He has atleast 5 years ahead of him. But I don't see him in the Juve of the future

Zambrotta: 19.02.77 (Age 27). He is the best LB in the world. And he can play for a while.

Olivera: 04. 05. 83 (Age 21). I think he has the talent to become the next big midlfielder in our team (Platini-Zidane-Nedved-Olivera?) , i hope he will be our regular player in the first 11.And he can play for 11 or 12 years more. We will be seing Olivera for a long time. :thumb:

Blasi: 17. 08. 80. (Age 24). He ia a pure destructor maybe he will become our Gatusso.And he is also quite young.

Appiah: 24.12.80 (Age 23). He played under our standars last year but don't forget what was his nickname a year ago, the next Davids.I don't think he is a Davids type of player but more of a Seddorf type and that's not bad. And this year Arsenal were bidding for him and we know that arsenal can discover worldclass players.

Kapo: 27.09.80 (Age 23). He was one of the best players in Auxerre.I think he has the talent to become great. I hope he gets his opurtunity.

Ibrahimovic: 03.10.81 (Age 22). He is one of the rear players that can be either a #10 or a number #9. He will be a future superstar.

Trezeguet: 15.10.77 (Age 26) I was suprised to read he was so young,(I thought he was 28) becaouse he was superstar for so many years.He doesn't pass but his finishing ability is probably the best in Europe.

I think that this team could fight for a Uefa spot with ease. For a battle for the scudetto it would only need a more experienced midlfield and another CB. The defence would have 2 great players Tudor and Zambrotta and 2 solid players. Midlfield would be young but with SO much talent,that in a couple of years it could be the best in Europe.Attack is already worldclass and every team in Europe would be proud to have such players in their team.

Age average:

Goalkepper: 26


Midlfield:22.75. :) :thumb:

Attack: 24

Total team age average:
24,7 :thumb:

I think that our future team is great. And if we add Palladino,Benjamin,Chiellini,Maresca,Gasbaronni,Sculli,Pazzini? to them I just begin to be so happy.

I didn't put Micolli becaouse he will never return to us.Maresca will return becaouse he loves the club,if he will play good.Chiellini will almost certanly return becaouse he is only 19 and already plays for Florentina,I think he has a lot of talent (he was one of the bet players against Roma)

P.S. Looks like Zebina and Buffon have birthday on the same day. :thumb:

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Jul 28, 2003
good work Juventus2.. :thumb:
but I don't count Tudor as a high class defender ATM.. I AM surprised that he's 26.. he looks like he's 33 or something..
Aug 26, 2003
yeah, lets not forget how many times e played good and also scored vital goals for us!!!
when injury free and with maybe a fast Central defender beside him we could have a strong defense!!


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Jul 14, 2002
Our squad isn't that old, but some of the key players in the first team are. Thuram, Cannavaro, Emerson and Nedved are probably our most relied on players apart from Buffon and Zambrotta.

The Arif

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Jan 31, 2004
++ [ originally posted by juventus2 ] ++
Age average:

Goalkepper: 26


Midlfield:22.75. :) :thumb:

Attack: 24

Total team age average:
24,7 :thumb:
That's excluding players like Thuram, Canna, Emerson, Nedved etc.
But even with players 28+, as Elnur said, we're good with what we've got for another two or three seasons.


Sep 23, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Jeeks ] ++
I really like Tudor and I wish he can show that he is a talent
I like Tudor too for the fact that he makes some great headers on set pieces. But as a defender these days?

Watching this season's Juve matches, I can't tell you how much more relaxed and confident I am when Montero and/or Tudor aren't holding the line in front of Buffon. It's way too early, but it's really the feeling I get already this season.

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