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Feb 9, 2013
The problem lies deeper than Sarri, we’ve playing like this for the better part of 2-2.5 years now.
We played like trash for the last 6 months of last season, but we didn't play like this at all in 2017-18. C'mon. I know the Tottenham matches we're tough, but the revisionism is too much. We finished with 95 point, scored 86 goals, most of the modern era, +62 goal differential, steamrolled most of our opponents, even managed to steamroll CL winners Madrid at the Bernabeu, only going out on a last second penalty. We weren't perfect that season, obviously, but we played far better and more dominant football.


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Jan 24, 2010
This game is crying out for Dybala or Douglas Costa to run at their unproven defenders, yet we play 4312 to fit Bernardeschi in. It is so obvious that we are lacking width going forward. Throw this formation in the trash and set it on fire.
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