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Jan 18, 2009
This is how the match will go. We will score an early goal and will get very excited. Vidal will then get red carded in a terrible challenge on Pogba in the box handing us a PK. We will go 2-0 up and try to shut down. Pep will bring robben in for the ineffective Coman. He will score an ugly goal and then a last minute golazo (his typical goal). We go to PKs and lose.
My prophetic prediction a couple of days ago


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Dec 8, 2009
What an amazing performance ruined by some terrible choices in the last 20 minutes

Evra is experienced enough now... typical of him though!

Allegri has fucked his subs. There is absolutely no way we are scoring now.

Are we really going to be able to hang on for penalties? Would we even win penalties??

Heart breaking. We'll be dejected now. And Bayern's tails will be up.

A miracle needed now
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