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Junkie Joe Joyce
Oct 2, 2013
Half time, we're playing well but as always we take these disgusting risks

Every time we grab people in our box, we're giving the reffs a choice whether or not to give a penalty.

WHY FUCKING BOTHER? Buffon had that all day long it's a fucking joke we're just lucky reffs have only just given a penalty now and not in one of our previous 30 games where we do this.
Mar 10, 2009
And galatasary are 3 - 0 up

we need a point otherwise Europe League looks likely

I just don't get how our defense turned awful all of a sudden. I like this new formation this should have been done against Galatasary and Nord


May 11, 2004
Not a bad half, we seem to move better but it's not enough. We put ourselves in awkward positions and our chances turn out to be very lame. Not to forget that we keep making lots of mistakes at the back, it's like a totally new team. Playing in the EL will not be taken seriously so it's better to end fourth in the group rather than waste energy on two matches in that silly competition.


Ageing Veteran
Jan 26, 2009
It's not impossible. WE CAN DO THIS!
:agree: Real look far from impressive. Their defense is actually pretty horrible, so we should try pressing their midfield harder in the opening 15-20 minutes of the 2nd half so we have a chance to exploit their weak and fragile back-line. However, our build up play is so fucking slow and tedious. I can understand why Madrid have problems with teams that attack at pace (namely the German duo of Bayern and Dortmund).
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