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Jul 17, 2002
What's up guys....

I read the other day that a few members want to see the forums's chat page utilized. It's pretty dead, so maybe this thread can be used to kick start it and keep it running. I guess it could be nice if your in the forums and you want to kill time by having a little chat.... :dazed: ;)

Anyway, What you do in this thread is post a messege here saying that you're in the chat room and maybe even post a messege when your done. so we could keep track of who's in there and use it as a welcome for other people to join.


My status: In the Chat room

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Jun 8, 2003
The time zone difference does affect our participation in the caht room.

One of you guys is having dinner while the other is going to bed.

I'm at work, 30minutes to lunch hour and I'm stuck with a pile of paperwork!!


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