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Jun 24, 2003

The Old Lady has always had millions of hearts beating for her, hearts coming from all around the world, united by the same passion, the same enthusiasm, the same love for those charming black and white shirts.

These feelings, strong enough to crumble down barriers separating cultures and build bridges in their places, bring us today the joy of announcing the start of a new partnership between our Juventuz and Italian Vecchiasignora.
A new friendship, that will reinforce the bond between our hearts, bursting of passion for the same colours.

Juventus is passion, Juventus is us.


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Jan 14, 2005
isha, sorry me for being a rude guy, but what's the point of such a partnership??

Will they give us much more satisfying salaries in Juventuz??

Will we have to get rid of our flag and anthem???

And when will we use the same currency??

Will they host the banned members from here until their ban expire??

Should we visit that site daily or should we make the drink for their delegates??

Anyway, congrats...

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