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Mar 16, 2013
bendtner and rinaudo were loan signings no?

they should include actual signings. therefroe Hernanes and Lucio should be there instead. hernanes istead of poulsen.

lucio instead of rinaudo

and amauri instead of bendnter....you can also make a case for giovinco
Hernanes. Hard to believe we replaced Vidal with him.


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Jan 24, 2007
Oh man Tiago.

Remember when he locked cobolli gigli in bathroom for like 1 or 2 hours cuz he didnt want to be sold?

Remember that whenever you folks complian about marotta or paratici

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Jul 5, 2014
martinez and andrade due to fees spent and expectations

krasic was a failure. make no mistake. hero to zero in 4 months.

same with amauri. big fee paid for a striker (at the time) and only 6 months of acceptable performances.

almiron another disaster.

players like osvaldo, anelka, sturaro don't count. they were not brought in to be starters or even regualrs. they were back ups to the back ups
Ahaha Amauri do you remember that birthday? a year without scoring a goal (and playing regularly)........


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Mar 16, 2013
I remember his attempted elastico in the snow against Lech Poznan :lol: :touched:

Dark times but I have to say the forum in those days was absolutely amazing. Many laughs were had to shield the pain of a disastrous couple of years for us.
I do believe it's the tough moments that bring the best out of real fans. Look at us now: whiny insufferable bastards who will never be pleased.


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Jul 14, 2006
Starting 11, 4-2-3-1 formation:

Belardi GK
Motta DR
Cannavaro DC [2nd stint at Juventus]
Knežević DC
Grosso DL
Tiago MC
Almiron MC
Marchionni AMR
Diego AMC
Martinez AML
Mandžukić STC

Subs: Manninger, Rubinho, Zebina, Grygera, Criscito, Peluso, Padoin, Isla, Felipe Melo, Poulsen, Amauri, Anelka, Bendtner, Borriello

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Knezevic deserves a starting spot i think
Good call, bro.

Motta or Molinaro should captain that team.
:tup: Motta definitely, bro.

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Tiago should be on that list.

lol also, they both on my list.
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