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Jul 12, 2002
No one is doubting anyone's ability but to say its clever while saying how other teams decide who to buy is not ie Real madrid , is what I am questioning

Thuram and Salas well because of his injury were not really big success stories irrespective of how good they are

Nedved had an in and out season and imo was given more credit than his actual displays deserved while Buffon was far and away the best of the bunch

If we did not buy these playes we still might have won the league as Inter threw it away


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Sep 21, 2002
sorry denco but i'm still not agree. we were much better with last year squad then 2 years ago squad.
nedved was the key player in the important games with his leadership and work rate while you all did'nt noticed thuram contribution to defence because he did great, and blocked a lot of attacks.


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Sep 6, 2002
That they outplayed Liverpool is no surprise as Liverpool are the most boring team in Europe, they also outplayed Inter who again are the second the most boring team in Europe.

I really liked that one.

For me, i dont really have any problem with real.If u've got the money spend it and do that wisely and that's exactly what real is doing.At the moment i think one of the nicest thing in football is being a real madrid fan.Milan also bought well but most of their buys are old except for nesta.But for me real and milan are the only 2 teams that are really loaded.i'm just shuddering at the prospect of seeing redondo beefing up that middlefield.

Most of the people who hate real would do so for the same reason that we are hated in italy,success.

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