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Jul 12, 2002
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thanks for the ratings


issit ever possible to get a 9 or a 10?

or would the player have to play like a superhuman control the opposition score 5/6 goals type game to get that rating......
Believe me giving out an 8.5 for an Italian paper is really high as they are miserly in their ratings while in England some ppl get 6 just for turning up, I will give you an example in the wc match England v Argentina, one paper gave each player 11 out of 10 while you never see any paper giving a player null rating no matter how much playing time they had


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Jul 23, 2002
Let me tell you this

Saying Milan and Juve will play in the final is getting carried away....

But Cammoressi
that guy is impressive

HE came from nowhere and now he is tearing up the defense.,....

He is like a Defensive Orientated Riquelme.

His is my new Favorite in Juve........


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Jul 14, 2002
Juve vs Dinamo : Match Analysis

I watched the full 90 mins,and in my opinion Juve were very impressive. Buffon didn't have much to do,but when he did he was great. Thuram and Moretti were very good. The centrals defenders didn't have too much to do. Ferrara and Montero weren't brilliant but they did their job. Camoranesi had yet another solid game,while Tacchi had an average match. Davids and Nedved were superb. Another inspirational performance from Del Piero. Di Vaio wasn't all that good,but took his goals well.


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